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Back to the Future

Community Financial Corporation is looking to the past to build a successful future. A refreshing reminder of a gentler era of personalized service and face-to-face customer contact, the company has been winning customers since April of 2000 with its reassuring low-key approach.

The instigator behind Community Financial Corporation is its President, John Satterberg, a highly successful leader with more than 30 years of experience in the Portland area. For Satterberg, a former Vice-president with a large national lender, opening Community Financial was like coming home. "I decided I wanted to do something different and realized my dream of opening up a company over which I had more control. I knew I wanted to start a lending operation with the flexibility to provide numerous lending alternatives for builders and borrowers."

Opening the company in April 2000 also brought Satterberg full circle and aligned him with the same team of professionals he worked with over 35 years ago. Community Financial is a wholly owned subsidiary of Banner Corporation. Gary Sirmon, Mike Larsen, and Lloyd Baker, currently officers or board members of Banner Bank, worked with Satterberg at Community Savings and Loan of Wenatchee.

Due to its size, Community Financial has the flexibility to be able to service customers on an individual basis. Furthermore, its affiliation with Banner Bank provides the stability and security so often found lacking in the mortgage business. Said Satterberg, "We have the ability to make local decisions regarding loan approvals, closings and disbursements. We also provide local servicing for our builders. Our goal was to create a mortgage banking firm with control over decisions and the outcome of those decisions."

Community Financial Corporation specializes in custom and spec construction, land development, and purchase and refinance loans. In addition, the company is a correspondent lender, enabling them to offer products from a number of national lenders at competitive rates and fees. The company is also able to broker loans to local lenders. Satterberg said, "Community Financial offers a wide variety of products to anyone wanting to develop, build, buy or refinance a home."

Satterberg assembled an experienced staff of professionals who, like himself, were looking for a company that gives them the opportunity to exercise more local control over the lending process. Said Satterberg, "We have employed some of the most successful loan representatives in the Portland area." The loan reps are supported by an internal production staff of processors and closers with years of experience and extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry. "We process, close, fund, and service many of our loans. We perform all of the functions necessary in the loan transaction. We're very hands on, striving to provide personal service to the customer on a one-on-one basis. I feel we've put together the best lending staff possible to accomplish this goal," said Satterberg.

CFC's builders seem to agree. Donald Schollander, President of Schollander Development Company, said, "Community Financial has in John Satterberg and his fine staff a team with over 15 years of experience as the most outstanding new home lender in our area. They bring great knowledge of the business and tremendous service to their customers that is unparalleled." David Stewart of Olsen Homes, Inc., said of Community Financial, "John Satterberg has been providing Olsen Homes, Inc., with customer and construction financing for over 15 years. We know when John says he can provide the loan it will be closed on time and with no surprises. When our homebuyers are working with John, we know we can plan on not having any problems with their financing as well. Community Financial Corporation supports John with the kind of financial strength and flexibility needed to provide the professional service we rely on."

Such faith in Community Financial's integrity and reliability is everything the company strives for. Says Satterberg, "If you build up a good reputation, your customers and builders trust you, and that's how you do business."

Community Financial Corporation is a subsidiary of Banner Corporation.